The City of invites sensibly qualified, jobless youth matured 18-35, who meet the relevant least necessities to apply for Metro Police and Traffic Learnership for 2022 and will get an allowance of R59 825 for every annum

Ref No: SS 49/21

Essential Requirements:

Level 12 ability Must be actually and medicinally fit, Must have the choice to work in a gathering and adjust to troubling conditions, No Criminal Record Must have an authentic driver’s grant, Learners ought to successfully complete the Further Education and Training Certificate: Road Traffic law Enforcement similarly as Law Enforcement Skills Program SP4/2012

NOTE: All shortlisted up-and-comers will be expected to endeavor and float through the going with fundamental health evaluation

2.4 km run (Males 11 minutes and Females 13 minutes)

Push-ups (30 of at regular intervals)

Sit-ups (30 of at regular intervals)

NOTE: Candidates will:

Be expected to pass a made assessment and a gathering be expected to pass a real evaluation

Be expected to introduce their fingerprints or character numbers for really looking at criminal records. No other criminal clearances will be sufficient be expected to go through a City clinical appraisal

Be expected to go through a vital prescription test at a City testing scene.
Be expected to pass a driver assessment candidates will be reliant upon the arrangement of standards of the Metropolitan Police Training Academy, similarly as the pass requirements indicated by the Academy and as per huge unit rules

Extraordinary conditions associated with the post:

The City isn’t resolved to offer a steady circumstance after satisfaction of the arrangement candidates will be expected to go through expansive genuine getting ready, while at the Academy and planning according to the Firearm and Ammunitions Act.

Expected to wear a uniform, work shifts and in each environment condition.

Kindly be educate to observe regarding the accompanying conditions:

By introducing your application for a circumstance at the City of Cape Town, you are consenting that the singular information submitted as a component of your application may be used for the inspirations driving the Recruitment and Selection measure Applicants ought to apply on-line through e Recruitment.

Sympathetically note that no printed form or informed applications will be recognized. To apply on-line, up-and-comers ought to at first make an e-Services Account on the City of Cape Town Website. On the off chance that you don’t have account if it’s not too much trouble, first register and afterward apply.

Applicants might use any PC with web permission to apply. Progressed cell phones are not reasonable with this on-line application measure and can’t be used to apply.

Up-and-comers might use a Smart Cape PC at a City of Cape Town Library on the off chance that they are a library part.

To transform into a library part, you ought to apply for enlistment at a library with your ID and check of home

Assuming no one cares either way, note that no late applications will be considered

Online applications ought to fuse the convenience of:

An affirmed duplicate of your South African Identity Document (no vows will be recognized)
An actually affirmed duplicate of matric authentication
Shortlisted up-and-comers will be instructed through SMS or telephonically when to pay all due respects to the recognized setting to complete the required tests.

Shortlisted up-and-comers are urged to bring their own stuff, food and prizes to the testing scene.

Just competitors with no criminal record and no impending criminal cases, expecting starter or possibly approaching censuring cases will be considered for business.

Just up-and-comers, who have gone through a compulsory prescription test and are seen to be without drug, will be considered for business.

There should be no supposition for getting a recommendation for work by applying for, and subsequently being attempted and viewed as talented.

Hawking by work up-and-comers or another person for work up-and-comers, for posts inside the Council’s Service is blocked and verification thereof will bar the competitor’s application for thought for course of action.

At whatever point assigned, up-and-comers are expected to make themselves open to work as they are rostered, and are not permitted to have other work or kept a private concern while in the use of the City without the City Manager’s made assent.

Subjective testing for proprietorship or conceivably use of meds/alcohol/illegal substances may be done over the range of work.

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