From this week, a large number of South Africans will actually want to get to their R350 award installments – however just on these particular days.

The previously set of R350 award installments for January 2022 will be made accessible from this Monday, and beneficiaries will be given three separate days to gather their installments from the Post Office, in light of the last couple of digits of their ID numbers.

This framework has been set up since the R350 award was first made accessible to South Africans, just about two years prior. Nothing has changed heading into the new year, and Post Office staff are reminding inquirers not to attempt to gather their assets assuming it’s not their time yet.

“Make sure to bring your ID when you gather your R350 award from the Post Office. The last three digits of your ID number show the day of the week you can visit your Post Office to gather. Simply go to the Post office after you have gotten a SMS to say your award is prepared.” SAPO proclamation

SAPO has assembled a helpful little schedule for R350 award recipients during the current month. A few customers can gather their cash as soon as Monday 10 January. Tragically for other people, the lottery of their ID numbers implies they’ll need to delay until Friday 14 January prior to making a withdrawal.

Monday 10 January, Monday 17 January, Monday 24 January: For ID numbers finishing in 080 OR 085.
Tuesday 11 January, Tuesday 18 January, Tuesday 25 January: For ID numbers finishing in 081 OR 088.
Wednesday 12 January, Wednesday 19 January, Wednesday 26 January: For ID numbers finishing in 082 OR 087.
Thursday 13 January, Thursday 20 January, Thursday 27 January: For ID numbers finishing in 083 OR 088.
Friday 14 January, Friday 21 January, Friday 28 January: For ID numbers finishing in 084 OR 089.
Making all the difference for THE SRD PAYMENTS

SASSA are proceeding to pay out the R350 award until at minimum March 2022. The SRD asset will then, at that point, pass, however there’s trust that an understanding can be reached to expand this plan until the year’s end – clearing way for a Basic Income Grant in 2023.

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